Tensile strength

Tensile strength

This test is employed to assess plastics under uniaxial tensile stressing. The advantage of the tensile test is that it allows even ductile materials to be tested up to the point of complete fracture. Young’s modulus is the parameter used to compare different materials and constitutes a measure of stiffness.

The test is generally performed at 23°C.

Desmopan attains very high tensile strengths. Even the softest grades almost always achieve 25 MPa. With medium and high hardnesses, tensile strengths of 50 to 60 MPa are possible. As a typical TPU, Desmopan® is thus clearly superior to all other classes of TPE.

Results of the test method for Desmopan®:

Stress and strain data, including:

  • Modulus of tension Et [MPa]
  • Modulus at 100 % strain (MPa)
  • Modulus at 300 % strain (MPa)
  • Tensile stress at break σB [MPa]
  • Elongation at break εB [%]
  • Other characteristic values on request

Standards: DIN 53504, measured on an S1 test specimen with a displacement rate of 200 mm/min.

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