Slush molding

Slush molding

Rotation sintering, also known as slush molding, is ideal for producing molded skins (Fig. 3). It is mainly used for applications in the automotive industry.

In slush molding, a closed mold rotates around one or more axes. The powder fuses onto the hot mold surface and sinters together. After cooling, the result is a three-dimensional skin that exhibits very even wall thicknesses – regardless of the design complexity of the part. This is a particular strength of slush molding.

The range of Desmopan® and Texin™ products for slush molding includes aromatic and lightfast aliphatic slush grades already used in some models of car in Europe, Japan and the United States. Because of the automotive industry’s stringent requirements for material properties, the products are supplied as colored powders for direct processing.

slush molding

Fig. 3: Schematic of the slush molding process

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