Desmopan® and Texin™ parts can be printed using any conventional technique:

  • Hot embossing
  • Ink jet printing
  • Pad printing
  • Laser printing

Hot embossing/ Hot stamping

In this printing technique, films or foils are embossed on a Desmopan® or Texin™ part using a hot stamp. Hot embossing films are available from various suppliers and display excellentadhesion to the parts.

Ink jet printing

Ink jet printing is a very effective method for inscribing Desmopan® and Texin™. We recommend that you adjust the solvent in the ink to suit TPU.

Pad printing

Pad printing is another very effective method for inscribing Desmopan® and Texin™. Again, the composition of the solvent in the ink should be adjusted to TPU.

Laser printing

Desmopan® and Texin™ cannot be laser printed without first being modifed, because their energy absorption is too low. They must first be compounded with laser additives or laser additive batches. We would be happy to provide recommendations about suitable additives on request.

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