Flow Characteristics

Flow characteristics of the mold

The flow behavior of Desmopan® and Texin™ is basically the same as that of other thermoplastics. The length of the flow path is dependent on the melt temperature, the wall thickness of the part to be filled, the injection speed and the rheological properties of the material.

The injection speed can be varied according to the machine and the technical circumstances.

The following figure shows the flow path of Desmopan® and Texin™ as a function of melt temperature.

Length of flow path

Fig. 13: Length of flow path as a function of temperature

To achieve maximum mechanical properties and to reduce the shrinkage of the part to a minimum it is necessary to process the material with the „optimum melt temperature“.

Product-specific Data about the flow behaviour against the wall thickness at optimum melt temperature according to the example given in the table below, are available for most of our grades upon request.

Flow behaviour
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