Covestro's TPU Texin™ for Medical applications

Texin™ for Medical applications

Texin®  RxT for Healthcare - Applications

The Texin® RxT portfolio has been specially developed for use in the healthcare - industry and is suitable for numerous applications in medical devices, laboratory and diagnostics. Typical fields of application include the production of tubes, catheters, housing parts, soft touch handles, as well as many other applications.

For this product range, many years of positive experiences are present in this demanding environment. The Texin® RxT - types are available in a hardness range from 70 Shore A to 65 Shore D.

The materials have similar properties as our Desmopan ® and Texin ® product series for industrial use and are characterized by high mechanical strength, chemical and abrasion resistance, elasticity and good damping properties.
The polyether - TPU are distinguished by very good hydrolytic- and microbial stability and transparency, and are therefore ideal for use in healthcare applications.

The offer is rounded off by a comprehensive regulatory service package. These include a food compliance statement, the assurance of formulation consistency as well as the biocompatibility according to ISO 10993-1 and to USP Class VI.


Texin Medical Grade Food Contact Compliance  
Texin RxS285
Texin RxT50D

Texin RxT65D
Texin RxT70A
Texin RxT85A
Texin RxT90A
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