Bellows in Desmopan

Bellows in Desmopan®


DaimlerChrysler AG Stuttgart

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Part design:

Flexible thermoplastic polyurethane sleeves are employed to protect articulations, suspensions and gear racks in chassis and steering systems.

On the Mercedes Benz ”S” class, the air springs (front and rear axle) have been covered by bellows in Desmopan®. These protect the springs from outside influences, such as dust, oil, grease and dirty water, and thus increase their functional reliability. At the same time, the covers also fulfil the thermal and mechanical requirements placed on buckling and wear resistance under high dynamic loads.

One of the prerequisites for the production of these large bellows (approx. 400 mm long) by extrusion blow molding is a high melt rigidity. The Desmopan® ester blow molding grades, 3485A and DP 3491A, are noted for their more rapid crystallization and improved morphology. The resulting improvement in melt rigidity permits longer tubes to be made, including spcial versions with areas of different wall thicknesses.

Detailed Information:
Product:  Desmopan DP 3491A Desmopan 3485A

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