Two Component mixer in Desmopan 5377

Two Component mixer in Desmopan® 5377


BSH (Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte)


BSH Hisni aparati d.o.o. (SI)

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Part design:

Working in cooperation with DAG and Covestro, BSH created an elaborate production concept for the mixer housing.

In a cost-efficient two-component injection molding process Desmopan® 5377A and an ABS-material were employed for the handle. Both components were injected into the newly-developed mold. No additional coupling agent is required for the two materials.

Due to the excellent reproducibility of detail the manufacturer was able to achieve extremely fine grains and surface textures. The two-component process also makes it easier to produce the two parts in different colors.

Desmopan® 5377A was selected on account of its soft-touch feel and nonslip properties. In addition to this, it is pleasant to grip and offers a high level of scratch resistance.

In sum: Desmopan® TPU has been used to produce highly-stressed functional parts for many years. Its advantages include outstanding physical material properties, good damping behavior and excellent media resistance.

Detailed Information:

Product:  Desmopan® 5377A

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