New innovative TPU TPE compounds

New innovative TPU/TPE compounds


Plastic Technologie Service Marketing & Vertriebs GmbH

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The products marketed under the trade name Desmoflex® are thermoplastic elastomer compounds based on the main component Desmopan® and special thermoplastic elastomers like styrene block copolymers (SBC), thermoplastic vulcanized rubbers (TPV) and/or copolyester elastomers (COPE).

Desmopan® has good abrasion resistance, tear strength and tear propagation resistance as well as high chemical resistance. SBCs, by contrast, are softer materials with better processing behavior.

Through intelligent compounding, innovative products with new property profiles combining the advantages of both components can be developed.

The cooperation between PTS and Covestro gives the opportunity to bring innovative products with new properties onto the market and in so doing expand the business considerably in the TPU and TPE market.

The products can be used in a great variety of applications: automotive, consumer products, electronic, tools and sport & leisure.

With these new products under the trade name Desmoflex® a better responding to the individual wishes of customers can be realized.

Further information and data sheets are available at the link cooperation and directly at PTS.

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Product: Desmopan  Desmoflex

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