Measuring unit in Desmopan 487

Measuring unit in Desmopan® 487


Fluke Corp, Eindhoven (NL) Fremach Plastics, Diepenbeek (B)


Pemstar, Almelo (NL)

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Part design:

The ScopeMeter 190 C series of measuring units with colored data displays presents results in the same way as an analog oscilloscope.

While the measurements are being recorded, it frequently happens that the unit gets caught on something or even falls to the ground. Depending on the height of the drop and the type of surface it lands on, the housing could break, or the parts inside the unit could be damaged. On the Series 196 C and 199 C ScopeMeters, the housing is made of an ABS+PC blend, and the yellow-colored protective edges of Desmopan® 487 thermoplastic polyurethane, employing the two-component injection molding process.

As an elastic material, Desmopan® 487 absorbs the impact energy in the event of the unit being sharply jolted or dropped and, since it is firmly anchored to the impact-resistant blend, prevents the impact from affecting the electronics inside.

Desmopan® is resistant to most media, is pleasant to the touch, and has a high level of wear resistance.

The well thought-out design makes it possible to get a firm grip on the unit, ensuring that it cannot be dropped so easily.

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Product:  Desmopan 487

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