Housing of a spectrum analyzer in Desmopan

Housing of a spectrum analyzer in Desmopan®


Tektronix Inc, Beaverton Oregon ,USA

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Part design:

Tektronix, a leading manufacturer of electronic measuring instruments and oscillographs, is breaking new ground in the field of housing technology. The housing of its new spectrum analyzer is made of magnesium overmolded with Covestro's TPU, Desmopan®.

The objective was to combine the two features:

  • to utilize the strength, electrical shielding properties and torsional rigidity of the diecast aluminum
  • to pass the Bellcore GR-196-Core drop test with the help of the outstanding impact resistance of the thermoplastic polyurethane on the outside.

The Desmopan® cover, with thicknesses of 1/16 inch to over 1/4 inch, also has excellent scratch resistance and moisture protection. An added safety aspect is its electrical insulation properties. The textured surface gives the device a "high-tech" appearance, and fingerprints are virtually invisible on the matt finish.

Additional benefits:

  • the elastomer could be used to form the hinges
  • certain mounting features can be molded in, cutting down on the amount of assembly work needed.
  • TPU can also be used in combination with other types of metal.

Desmopan® is UL listed.

Detailed Information:

Product: Desmopan

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