Hand saw handles in Desmopan 5377A DP 9370A

Hand-saw handles in Desmopan ® 5377A / DP 9370A


American Tool Companies A/S (DK)



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Part design:

The handles for the hand saws of the company American Tool Companies A/S were developed on the basis of Two-Component-Injection Moulding process. The handles are produced at Irwin A/S.

In the development and production of this application two materials have proven successful:

1) Desmopan 5377A - Excellent bonding to ABS
Desmopan 5377A offers good bonding behaviour to ABS. After the ABS-component has been injection moulded, the flexible TPU component in Desmopan® 5377A is injected onto the ABS while it is still hot.

2) Desmopan DP 9370A - Excellent bonding to HIPS

Desmopan DP9370A is the material of choice to achieve bonding to HIPS.
The contact surfaces of the two components need to fuse together properly to ensure a good bond. Where the rigid/flexible combination is subject to a very high level of stress, an additional keyed anchoring should be provided for the flexible component.

Covestro offers individual support based on the specific requirements of any specific handle.

Desmopan® 5377A and DP 9370A offer the following product features:

  • good haptics and a secure grip over a broad range of temperatures, therefore no risk of injury
  • good cavity reproduction
  • good abrasion resistance (virtually no wear or hardening through ageing of the mat-textured surface over a prolonged service life)
  • good chemical resistance.

Detailed Information:
Product:  Desmopan 5377A Desmopan DP 9370A

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