Functional textiles in Desmopan Texin and Makrofol

Functional textiles in Desmopan® , Texin® and Makrofol®


Trevira Neckelmann (DK)


Dörken, Herdecke

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Laminating textiles with Desmopan® serves to increase the wear resistance of either fabrics as a whole or individual fibers. Trevira Neckelmann of Denmark supplies fabrics that have RUBCO effect yarn woven into them. This yarn has a polyester core and a Desmopan® sheathing. By going one stage further and laminating Desmopan® film from the Dörken company onto this textile material, it is possible to equip clothing with air cushions at selected points, with the aim of absorbing or cushioning any impacts.

Integrating this film in items of clothing increases wearer comfort and replaces the rigid protectors that are in standard use today. By incorporating a valve it would be possible for the protectors to be individually adjusted and only inflated when they were needed. Laminating textiles with TPU also further enhances their tear and abrasion resistance.

Potential applications include automotive seat covers; inflatable textiles, such as protector pads, balls for babies, water-repelling protective covers, wear pads for motorcycle riders and cyclists, work clothing; and packaging for delicate and fragile objects.

At K 2001, a flexible solar module (Si wafer embedded in Texin® and Makrofol®) was laminated onto a textile fabric in a bid to illustrate our vision of a self-sufficient energy supply. The TPU surface of the individual fibers ensures that a good bond is achieved. New applications would thus also be conceivable in the leisure and hobby fields and possibly also in disaster control.

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