Rear window of the BMW Z8 Roadstar

Rear window of the BMW Z8 Roadster in Texin®

OEM: BMW AG, München
Supplier: Gurit-Worbla (CH)

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Part design:

The flexible, transparent rear cabriolet window of the new BMW Z8 Roadster has been developed by Gurit-Worbla in Texin® DP7-3007*, an aliphatic TPU.

The flexiglass panes in Texin® DP7-3007* display all the advantages that this material has to offer. They are thus not only exceptionally lightweight but also scratch-resistant.

With this flexible pane, drivers of the BMW convertible can now use an automatic car wash without any risk of the pane being scratched. The new, tinted flexible pane can be readily exchanged at the garage if necessary.

The aliphatic TPU is largely resistant to UV light.

The fact that the material is easy to care for and is flexible at low temperatures was a further decisive reason for its choice. As far as design is concerned, it is now possible to get by with less storage space for the hood.

It goes without saying that this new material of Texin® DP7-3007* is recyclable, environmentally compatible and free from plasticizers and halogens.

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Detailed Information:
Product:  Texin DP7-3007

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