Medical and Laboratory Equipment

Medical and Laboratory Equipment

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Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers can be processed by injection moulding or extrusion, in the same way as thermoplastics. Special Texin® grades meet the requirements of the ISO 10993, Part 1 "Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices" tests with human tissue contact time of 30 days or less, for example, and have proved their worth in medical equipment. Sterilization can be performed with ethylene oxide gas, gamma radiation or hot air, but not with steam.
Primary Fields of application

  • thin-walled flexible tubing,
  • catheters,
  • injection moulded medical products such as tube connectors and
  • films.

In many cases Texin thermoplastic polyurethanes offer a unique characteristic resulting in a medical device with a competitive advantage over other common plastics used in this market, such as

  • biocompatibility,
  • sterilizability with ethylene oxide gas, gamma radiation or hot air,
  • excellent flexibility,
  • high tensile and tear strength,
  • excellent abrasion resistance,
  • good chemical resistance,
  • low extractables,
  • no plasticizers.

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