Soft Touch Opel Omega door handle

Soft Touch Opel Omega door handle


Adam Opel AG, Rüsselsheim


Petri AG Aschaffenburg

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Part design:

Petri AG, system supplier, developed the interior door handles for the Opel Omega in Desmopan® 481, a thermoplastic polyurethane (without plasticiser), which has a Shore hardness of A 80.

This compact, yet flexible material is noted for the following properties:

  • good grain retention, since not foamed
  • good reproducibility of the matt mould surface, with easy demouldability
  • good abrasion resistance (virtually no wear or age-hardening of the mat textured surface over a long service life)
  • a pleasant "soft touch-feel", providing a firm grip over the wide range of temperatures encountered in the car interior
  • good chemical resistance
  • good colorability with TPU-based colouring agents, permitting the handles to be matched to the colour of the car interior.

As a specific design feature Petri AG has integrated spacers into the Desmopan® part (studs approximately 2 to 3 mm high) that are oriented towards the solid part of the handle (made of ABS). The result is a more pronounced soft touch feeling, which is otherwise only achieved with foamed products. With these door handles any possible danger of injury is eliminated.

Detailed Information:
Product:  Desmopan 481

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