Pneumatic tubes out of Desmopan®

Pneumatic tubes out of Desmopan®

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Desmopan® DP 1350D is a thermoplastic polyurethane with excellent extrudability that has been custom-formulated for the production of hoses. The melt solidifies very rapidly, resulting in hoses with high dimensional stability. Tight wall thickness and diameter tolerances can also be maintained. The ester-based TPU is highly transparent, making it easy to keep a visual check on the media being conveyed.

And because Desmopan® is easy to color, hoses can be produced in a wide range of different colors. The product has a hardness of 50 Shore D and withstands the required bursting pressures, which can be more than 25 bar, depending on the diameter of the hose.

In addition to properties such as high flexibility, long-term folding resistance and low compression set, the material also boasts very good wear resistance and particularly high resistance to oils and a broad range of other chemicals.

The new material is an excellent candidate for applications such as fuel and lubricant hoses, pressure control systems and pipelines for transporting chemicals.

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Product:  Desmopan DP 1350D

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