Ford Mondeo radiator grille

OEM: Ford

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For technical reasons, the radiator grille of the Ford Mondeo is made up of two different materials - the dimensionally stable air inlet grille and the elastic gasket lip injected on above it.

This radiator grille is produced as a flexible/rigid combination in a single operation by means of the two­component technique. The elastic component in Desmopan® 487 must display a high adhesion to the more rigid ABS-Material whilst, at the same time, ensuring an efficient, permanent elastic seal vis­à­vis the bonnet.

The exterior application of the unpainted radiator grille necessitates a high resilience in the gasket lip, a high adhesion between the flexible and rigid components and good resistance to oils, greases and petrol.

The Desmopan® grade employed fulfills the Ford specifications.

Detailed Information:
Product: Desmopan 487

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