Maxima Aqua Watch strap in Desmopan

Maxima Aqua Watch strap in Desmopan


PA Time Industries Ltd., (IN)

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Watchmakers PA Time Ltd. are located in Dharampur, at the foot of the Himalayas. Their "Maxima Aqua Watch®" has remarkable robustness, impact-resistance and a watertight case.

The wear-resistant strap was developed on the basis of Desmopan® 385.

This strap offers:

  • a high bending endurance and buckling fracture resistance
  • a high tear and pull-out strength at the fastening point and connector bars
  • a permanently high-quality surface with good skin compatibility and a pleasant feel
  • low water and perspiration absorption

The watch case and the strap can be easily styled to match the latest fashion trends and can also be colored in a full range of fashionable colors.

Detailed Information:

Product:  Desmopan 385 S

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