Elevator belt in Desmopan

Elevator belt in Desmopan®


Otis GmbH & Co. OHG, Berlin


ContiTech Antriebssysteme GmbH, Hannover

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For 150 years, elevators have been produced in a wide range of different designs, which have always been suspended on steel cables. Otis is now supplying elevators for the very first time on which the steel ropes have been replaced by thermoplastic poly­urethane belts in Desmopan® with steel cores.

The belts offer a high resistance to tearing and will withstand high loads. The PU belts from the "Gen 2" product series contain more steel wires than conventional steel cables. The high-strength, fine and thin wires are encased in Desmopan®.

The profiled belts, which are the same width and thickness as trouser belts, are noted for the following properties:

  • considerably greater flexibility
  • good low-temperature impact strength
  • excellent bonding to metals
  • one fifth lighter in weight and 2 to 3 times longer-lived than steel cables
  • very high tensile strength
  • load-bearing capacity of a belt: 3600 kg
  • better traction due to a greater supporting surface
  • smaller motors can be used
  • quieter running and more silent operation
  • longer servicing intervals and freedom from corrosion
  • lower wear thanks to optimum friction pairing

Otis itself describes the introduction of the PU belt as marking a new generation in elevator technology.

Two eminent designer prizes have been awarded in Hanover.

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Product: Desmopan

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