Industrial Mechanical Thermoplastic Polyurethanes

Industrial Mechanical

Components made of Desmopan® fulfil important functions in many areas of mechanical engineering. Their special features help the design engineer to devise efficient solutions to technical problems.


The major advantages of Desmopan® include:

  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Good resistance to oils and greases 
  • Good rebound resilience 
  • High dynamic load-bearing capacity 
  • Good damping properties.

Major applications:

  • Wearing parts: mine screens, strippers, cyclones
  • Wheels and solid tyres: wheels with polyamide or metal hubs for machines, trucks, escalators
  • Rollers: transport, support and guide rollers, rollers for office equipment
  • Seals: U- and V-packing rings, O-rings, cup seals, inverted cup seals and V-shaped seals
  • Damping components: spacers and grippers, pickers, handles for pneumatic drills
  • Drive elements: clutch components, timing belts, round belts, cog wheels
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Product name

good wear resistance; Pneumatic hoses

Extrusion- and injection molding grade; high mechanical strength; Application; Toothed belts; Profiles; Injection molded engineering parts

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