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Nowadays people spend more time in cars and commercial vehicles. To make driving a safe and comfortable experience Covestro is continuously developing new high-tech thermoplastic materials and offers superior technical solutions.

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Pleasant soft touch surfaces in the Automotive Interior are one of the particular strengths of the Thermoplastic Polyurethane Desmopan®. The benefits of Desmopan®-surfaces for interior applications like door handles, cup holders, instrument panels are multifold:

  • Good scratch resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Color stability / Colorfastness


In fact Desmopan® fulfills a broad range of requirements of the Automotive industry which can be of particular importance for applications in the Chassis and other areas:

  • Good resistance to oils and greases
  • Absorption of shocks and vibrations
  • Flexibility over a wide range of temperatures
  • Permanent buckling strength
  • Good recovery after deformation
  • Good resistance to tear propagation

In sum: Desmopan® components are used for a wide variety of functions in both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The most important automotive applications for Desmopan® are located in the automotive interior, chassis and steering areas, sometimes also in vital safety components:

  • Gear knobs
  • TPU-Surface (Skin) for instrument panels
  • Chassis spring seatings
  • Tamber doors
  • Door handles, Cupholders
  • Pedal covers
  • Door damper, Sealing
  • Cable plugs
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Extrusion- and injection molding grade; suitable for extrusion blow molding; high mechanical strength; Application; blow molding; Profiles; Injection molded engineering parts

injection molding grade; free from plasticizers; grease and oil-resistant; low compression set; high elasticity; good heat resistance; Application; roller coating; Seals, membranes; Automotive engineering

injection molding grade; grease and oil-resistant; low compression set; good heat resistance; Application; Automotive engineering; roller coating; Seals, membranes; Damping elements

injection molding grade; no yellowing under the action of UV light; improved microbial resistance; good low-temperature flexibility; Improved hydrolysis resistance; Application; automotive interior applications

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